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8 october 2009

President of Ukraine candidates rating. 100 days before elections


 On the eve of the election campaign start Center for Social and Marketing Research SOCIS has presented ratings of the main competitors for the President post. 

 The research was conducted in the period of September 20th 1st of October in all regions of Ukraine with the use of route sampling method for Ukrainian reform support foundation.

 5009 respondents were questioned on the whole, the sample represents whole Ukraine ( N 4500) with the error of +/- 1,5%, furthermore it represents 5 macro-regions (N ³ 900).

 100 days before election first tour ratings are the following: Yanukovich 28,7 %, Tymoshenko 19,0 %, Yatsenuk 8,2 %, Symonenko 3,6 %, Lytvin 2,9 %, Yuschenko 2,8 %, Tyhipko 2,6 %, Tyahnybok 1 %. The rest of the candidates has less than 1% of the voters support. Comparing to July 2009, rating of the two main candidates, Yanukovich and Tymoshenko, grew up for 0,9% and 2,1% respectively. Yatsenuks rating decreased for more than a third (-4,9%). Other candidates ratings also decreased slightly, except for Tyhipko (+1,7%). The gap between Yanukovich and Tymoshenko in the second tour of elections has also decreased to 40,3 % and 32,6 % respectively. Tymoshenko is in the lead in Western and Central Ukraine (16 regions and Kyiv), and Yanukovich takes the lead in 8 regions, Crimea and city of Sevastopol. 


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