Operating principles


The SOCIS Centre has a network of regional representatives in all region (oblast) centres of Ukraine. The interrogation network of the Centre encompasses the whole territory of the country and is comprised of over 600 specially trained interviewers. Interviewers work in each region (oblast) centre who can conduct a deep interview of a focus group discussion of any level of complication. The work of interviewers is organized and coordinated by 26 regional supervisors who work in the regional representative offices in all region (oblast) centres of Ukraine.

The SOCIS Centre also implemented a system of quality control over the work of interviewers by an independent network of controllers. Control over interviewers' work includes:

checking the filling in of questionnaires, discovering interrupted interviews;

forming the statistics of outreach and refusals from interviews;

checking the abiding by the rules of interrogation by random selection or quota selection.

The results of conducted research are presented in the form defined by the client, usually the most informative and convenient for practical use. When necessary, report is prepared in the form of diagrams and graphs.

According to client's wish, the results of research or presented in Ukrainian, Russian, or English.

The SOCIS Centre has good and stable relations with a range of Ukraine's official institutions, experts, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work all over Ukraine. The Centre is able to sign subcontracts with NGOs.