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28 august 2009

During June - July 2009 Center SOCIS conducted complex sociological research for NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine, the purpose of which was a study of attitude of inhabitants of Ukraine to the situation in gas transportation sphere and receipt of population estimation of public policy in this industry.

Project consisted of two stages: qualitative research with the use of method focus-group discussions ( on the whole 6 focal groups were conducted in the different regions of Ukraine) and quantitative research with the use of national representative sample (sample size 1500 respondents). Except for basic tasks during research information about such issues as relation of population to the price increase on gas, to modernization of GTS of Ukraine, vision of reasons and consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian gas conflict and others things like that was received. All of rights on the results of research belong to his Customer (NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine).


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