NEW! On-line research from IVOX


The VOX company is the bureau of full cycle on-line research. Depending on client needs, company managers support their clients during all stages of conducting research via internet providing editing, software programming, questionnaire hosting, data collecting, basic analysis, reporting, project coordination.

Basic elements of VOX activity in Ukraine:

1. On-line research with Socratos software

2. On-line research panel VOX


Socratos is integrated software which enables controlling the whole research process on-line. Socratos is an ideal research instrument for internet questionnaires of any type: CATI, CAWI, CAI. Multiple functions, easy use, convenient previews make Socratos extremely user friendly and convenient.

Socratos makes a significant part of research process completely automatised:

Creating on-line questionnaires: convenient and elegant questionnaire design, possibility to use over 42 types of questions

Inviting respondents: via e-mail, web links, pop-up windows

Panel control: registration, selection, address control

Analysis and reports: calculations, tables, cross tables, graphs, data export

Project control: real time result monitoring, discovering unreceived invitations, respondent feedback, statistics of average time to fill in questionnaires, assessing web media efficiency, various statistics regarding the panel

Socratos is not merely software, it is a solution created by researchers for researchers. Therefore, it fully complies with professional requirements in quantitative research.


VOX has access to a panel of over 24 000 respondents in Ukraine. On-line panel is a group of previously selected respondents who agreed to participate in internet interrogations freely and constantly. Before becoming a panel member, each respondent fills in a registration form which includes socio-demographic characteristics, lifestyle specifics and other data based on which the iVOX selects respondents for each specific research.

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